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Activities of Students related to Education

"True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body;

the two are ever united."

At Gajera School, our students are given education with creative activities so that study is not become boring for students. During curricular activities, sports activities, science activities and days celebrations, etc. Gajera School motivates the students by conducting innovation, art and craft activities etc.

These activities help in boosting the confidence of students as they learn to express themselves in front of others. This teaches about time management and discipline to the students. Due to such activities skill of leadership and management is learnt by students. Students who participate in extra activities get batter grades. This is because of the skills ,they learn from participating in different activities.

Students learn to manage time, organizational skill and improved self

confidence. Students also learn to express themselves in a better way by taking part and will build longlisting friendship and connection to meet students from different backgrounds and gain transferable skill such as communication, team work, organization, problem solving and time management. It will also improve your confidence.

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