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Performing act for the purification

Earth has become very dangerous just not for human beings but also for plants and animals too. But why this planet behaves like this? There is environmental imbalance which is leading to many new diseases. The pandemic of corona is also a kind of example of the bursting of environmental imbalance. The man made the lot of progress in all fields with the help of science and technology but at the cost of Environment.

Agnihotra or Homa is performed twice a day, one during sunrise and during sunset. This Homa is performed along with recitation of Mantras. Reciting Mantra is a very important part of performing Homa as it gives apositive vibrations to the surrounding. These vibrations ail for betterment of physical and mental health.

It is said in Vedas that if the Man start doing Agnihotra and follow Satvik Jivan shaily (pure lifestyle). As long as he does Agnihotra in the day and in the night, in this world for him there would no pain or misfortune. There will be no health problems to him. An Agnihotra practitioner will have a long life.

The theory behind Agnihotra:

Agnihotra is a combination of two words Agni + Hotra, in which Agni means fire and Hotra means healing. So Agnihotra is nothing but use of fire for healing. This tremendous ritual was first introduced by Brahmin priests in the Vedic period. Agnihotra was religiously followed in the ancient days. It is very necessary for us to practice Agnihotra frequently to save ourselves from the harmful pollutants that we encounter daily. There is Environmental imbalance which is leading to new diseases and lot of global problems day by day, due to wanton cutting trees and extracting carelessly, unlimited use of natural resources.

The environment may be freed or protected from gross pollutants (Chemicals, garbage etc). But the subtle pollutants arising from bad thoughts, bad words, bad deeds and negative emotions of man may still cause harm. Any thought entertained by man becomes a vibration and settles in the space. Hence it is necessary to purify the space from these subtle pollutants.

Agnihotra purifies and cleanses the space element from negative vibrations. As all other elements are stationed in space, it purifies the other elements as well. It brings clarity of thought, increases the energy level and improves over – all health.

· It is the process of purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire tuned to the specific biorhythm of sunrise/sunset.

· It comes from the ancient most Vedic sciences of Bio-energy, Medicine, Agriculture and Climate Engineering.

According to Vedas and the shlokas written in ancient scripts, Agnihotra was to be performed daily to maintain good health. It has the power to purify the air around us by killing harmful virus and bacteria. The materials used for performing Agnihotra were considered to be very auspicious.

Agnihotra is performed using the following materials

• Copper pyramid with a stand which holds the fire • Rice taken in a small copper bowl • Cow Ghee taken in a copper bowl along with copper spoon. • Dried cow dung cakes. • A collector or a jar to hold the ashes left over after the Homa.


सूर्योदयकेसमयकामंत्र : 'सूर्यायस्वाहासूर्यायइदम्नमम, प्रजापतयेस्वाहाप्रजापतयेइदम्नमम'

सूर्यास्तकेसमयकामंत्र :

'अग्नयेस्वाहाअग्नयेइदम्नमम, प्रजापतयेस्वाहाप्रजापतयेइदम्नमम’

Reciting mantra is a very important part of performing Homa as it gives positive vibrations to the surrounding. These vibrations ail for better mental health. And dry rice grains are added to the fire as offering. After every mantra a small quantity of rice is put into the fire.

The copper pyramid is filled with cow dung at the bottom and towards the wall of the pyramid. The majority of the pyramid is filled with cow dung with a small empty space at the center. Some wooden logs are put at the center for which fire is lit. Ghee is used as catalyst to keep the fire strong. If there are any chances of fire going off then ghee is added to it to keep the fire on. There should be more smoke than the fire while performing it. The smoke given out by burning all these material is rich in components that aids in purification of air. And the ash residue left over is also very powerful. Consuming a small amount of ash daily is said to be a great immunity booster. And mixing it with the plant fertilizers help the plants to grow well without being affected by any diseases. It is also said that there will be no negative force attracted towards the person or the place where the Homa is being performed.

How to Perform Agnihotra | Dr. Avinash Inamdar -

It clearly shows that ancient Indians lived a very long, happy and healthy life because of the traditions they followed.

In this current tough time of Corona pandemic, if we start performing practices like Agni Hotra, healthy diet (Satvik Aahar) happy thoughts and responsible life style towards the Mother Earth. The day is not long that we will experience pure and comfortable environment around us.

Stay Blessed, Stay Healthy and Be Responsible!!!

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