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Assembly : Good manner

We started our assembly by one quote.

सपनों के जहां से अब लौट आओ हुई है सुबह अब जाग जाओ चांद तारों को अब कहकर अलविदा इस नए दिन की खुशियों में खो जाओ सुप्रभात सुप्रभात सुप्रभात

Today our red house assembly. Our topic is good manners, so we started thought of the day,word of the day,history of the day, news headlines, teachers talk, presentation of assembly and message of the assembly all of these connected to good manners. Std 1 to 4 students participated in assembly.By this topic students should aware about manners and their learn how to do good manners

In the presentation of assembly we saw the video about good manners which words we use and when we use for good manners in our day to day life.

Nowadays students have not maintained discipline, not shows manners in their behavior, they didn't give respect to someone so we chose this topic.

Manners is like a educate. Education and educate both are like a two wings of birds and both are essential for birds to fly high in the sky. Like that education and educate both are essential for students to go high.

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