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Aura (Paranormal) of Human

  • Aura is the subtle manifestation of everything that you are. If you look at one's aura, you clearly know his physical health, his mental health, his karmic structure.

  • In a way his past , present if he is stupid, even his future.

  • Yes, only if you are stupid we can tell your future. Otherwise we can only tell your past . Yes, so..... Aura is certain manifestation of yourself.

  • “As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field,” says Christina Lonsdale, a Portland-based artist behind a popular aura photography practice called Radiant Human.

  • Aura is a special quality or feeling that seems to come from a person, place, or thing.

  • You have seen aura behind the God and Goddess which shows energy in picture or TV. A subtle manifestation in the physical body, keeping it clean is good.

  • Is keeping your body clean good? Even if you don't understand, somebody sitting next to you understands. That it's good.

  • It's good to keep your body clean. It's good to keep your mind clean. It's good to keep everything that is you clean. Because if we want to do something with anything, first thing is we purify our mind.

  • If we want to take anything to a higher possibility, first thing is you purify your mind. Without purification you cannot do anything better than then way that is right now. So, beautiful your body and your mind practices , food and many aspects to keep your body clean.

  • Aura is a manifestation, it's not a presence by itself. But if you are doing your sadhana , if you are improving your system, what you manifested yesterday or what you're manifested 10 years ago, may be still hanging around you and not allowing you to become what you want to be , so that can be cleansed.

  • Have you noticed that when you have a shower or bath that is we say in India but which is not a deep just pouring water over your body. When you let the water to go over your body you are not just cleaning the physical self, that is not just cleaning your skin, something else also get cleaned.

  • Let's say when you are feeling very angry, agitated and all kinds of things happening within you just go have a shower and come out and your feel all the nonsense kinds of washed off.

  • So, shower is not just about the cleaning your body, you cleaned the Aura to some extent because what is you called body it’s a manifestation or a play of five elements. So, you can give yourself a water bath.

  • You can similarly give yourself wind bath. Suppose there is a gentle Breeze blowing and you just went and stood their.

  • Suppose you are wearing thin clothes and standing outside, wind blew after that you feel like hoooo…..

  • Have you noticed ? You feel so clean and transparent and want to fly away. Wind can do that , it should be just at the right..... velocity and feel and temperature and everything. If it's right , if you see wind just cleansed you , wind bath .

  • When we travel, if any person pass through us suddenly we feel negativity even if we don’t know that person it’s all because of that person’s aura is negative. If any saint will pass through us, we feel positivity because of that sadhna.

  • If you have exam tomorrow and before the exam you will think that you will not able to give your best. During, your exam time your mind will not allow to write paper. It’s all because of impurities in your mind which you have to purify it.

  • If you will try to remove your negativity from your mind it will not come out. But you will add positivity in your mind, automatically negativity will come out. Actually, In the world there is no darkness, it’s just a absence of brightness.

The process which destroys the impurities is in English Aura cleansing. Is to take away the impurities from Aura so the body breaths better and feels better in terms of health, well being, mental balance, everything.

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