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"Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and light conquer it"

When it comes to shaping the bright minds of our nation, only making education accessible to all isn’t enough. Quality of education being imparted becomes a crucial factor in improving the overall quality of life – the first step towards bringing positive reforms in society.

The backbone of quality education is rooted in primary-level schooling. This is where children are taught the basics which help them grasp advanced concepts with ease as they grow up. Implementation of primary level schooling in even the remotest corner of India, along with ensuring each student receives proper guidance in those initial years becomes fundamental towards achieving sustainable goals in the near future.

Based on the science of Neuroplasticity, Brighter Minds (BM) is a training methodology designed to catalyse cognitive growth for children between the ages of 5 and 15 for a lifetime of learning. Using our proprietary interactive tools and techniques, each of our training programs aims at whole brain activation where the right brain, often under-addressed by the school system, is stimulated through exercise, sound waves and relaxation to achieve left-right equilibrium. The result is an intellectually, socially and emotionally brighter mind.

To brighten the mind of our learners Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin organized a 'online Bright Mind Challenge Competition' on 7th August 2021 for std. 1 to 7. There were three groups in this competition. There were total 154 Students participated in the first round which was the scrutiny round. In the final round, in each group 32 students, we selected. We took this competition by challenging questions like logical and reasoning questions according to their age.

Quality without access will lead to inequality and exclusion; access without quality will limit the potential and would not bring [about] the desired results,”

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