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Celebration of Sunita Maker's Day on Mother Nature

" The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

  • On 6th October ,2021 Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin organized Sunita Makerspace and the theme was "Mother Nature ". In Sunita Makerspace, there are four categories like Innovation, Creativity, Social and Synergy.

  • Our program was initiated by the lamp lighting and that was followed by our Principal Mr. Nitin Patil and our trustee Chuni sir and special guests were Patil Sagar, S.R. Chaudhary , Parmar Mukundsinh Biswanath Barik, Mrs. Nita and Mr. Haridas Patil. The welcomed of the guests done by the hoodi bag and Tulsi plant. Our guest also gave a beautiful speech which motivated the participants. Mr. Nitin Patil sir also gave a admiring speech about this program and appreciated the participants from the different school.

  • Our guests admired the entire program and appreciated all the category and encouraged students for showing their skills and talents through this Sunita Maker space. Even the parents visited the school and admired all the activities and Competition performed by our students.

  • Sunita Makerspace is an innovative driven space where passionate individuals can thrive together to work on creative and sustainable projects. It has ventured to a unique virtual platform where in makers with different talents cab show case their expressions of hopes, dreams and happiness , even during the jooming shadow of the covid - 19 pandemic. It provides spaces for individuals to cultivate their innovative minds , creativity, social and Synergy through events , workshop and other activities like Selling organic products, games, business ideas, selling eco friendly products, etc

  • It encourages " Young minds" to develop a career of their choice. It proves platform for ideas, innovations, plans , concepts, solutions along with peer - to - peer learning.

  • Sunita Makerspace held every year to honour creativity, sensitivity, innovations and collaboration. It was started from 1st October to 6th October for pre- primary to Higher Seconday section. We celebrated Virtual Maker's Day for pre- primary section and primary section and theme was " Mother Nature " All the little Gajerians actively participated in the competition and performed well. .Primary section students showed their creativity on Nature, innovations in Eco decor out fit , My thoughts on wall un Synergy, recycle song in Social, creative Advertisement, Sustainable talk, renewable resources model , Mime, empower/ enrich H2O . All the competitions were related to Mother Nature and to spread awareness among the people to protect and conserve our Nature.

  • Sunita Makerspace celebrated every year on different- different theme under the guidance of our trustee Chuni sir and Kinjal mam. It spread awareness about the nature through this Sunita Makerspace. We need to protect our mother nature.

"Every life matters. Be like Mother Nature and love everyone without judging."

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