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Chauryasi Taluka Kaksha yuva mahotsav 2021-2022

  • On 13th September, 2021 i.e ,Monday at Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin organized Chauryasi Taluka Kaksha yuva mahotsav 2021-2022 .

  • Our educators not only providing education to the students but also building up their talents and skills by conducting such type of competition for the students which helps them to sharp their talents and skills and give a chance to represent their hidden talents in front of everyone.

  • Our mandalatdar Shir B.P. Sakshena ,Shri R. C. deputy Collector from Olpad , Shri DilipBhi Vaghela from Churyasi Taluka and Nayak Mamalatdar Shri Vikash Vaghela were presented as a guest in this competition.

Our program was initiated by the lamp lighting and that was followed by our Principal Mr. Nitin Patil and our guests. The welcomed of the guests done by the flower bouquet and inspiring words by our principal sir.

  • Our guest also gave a beautiful speech which motivated the participants. Mr. Nitin Patil sir also gave a admiring speech about this program and appreciated the participants from the different school.

  • One of our student from std 12th won many competition or games like PuNJAB PATIALA NATIONAL level competition, VALSAD LOK MARATHON ,won 1st Prize , COFFEE LOK MARATHON , MANALI BIR BILLING 11Km Marathon , MYSORE COORG 11Km Marathon , NASHIK 5km YOUTH Marathon, FREEDOM RUN 2.0 Marathon and in all these competition he won 1st prize .

  • It's a of proud moment not only for him or his family but it also proud moment for us . To have a such kind of student and he wants to make his career in sport field.

  • His dream is to take participate in Olympics and only to take part but also wants to achieve medal our country.

Our Guest Bharta Sakshena , Vikash Vaghela and Jayesh felicitated him by giving prize.

  • Before starting the program, all the participants did Regis who came from different schools and provided refreshments from our school.

  • All the Educators of Gajera not only did sitting arrangements for students but also provided proper facilities for all the educators also who came with other school students.

  • In this time of rainy season also, most of the students gave importance to this competition that they all came from a very far area.

  • It's also challenging for the students that even during difficult situations , they are giving more priority to their competition.

  • We have to appreciate the students those who were participated in this Yuva mahotsav.

  • When they are competing with other school ,that this competition is not only representing them but it also represent their school name.

  • If a child win the comprehension,then it's a win for the schools also. So, these students were represented their school name in the competition also while giving competition to the other school students.

In this competition, Samuh geet, lagna geet, Bhajan Spardha, Ek patriya Abhinay , Lok Varta, Duha - Chhand- Chopai , Nibandh spardha, Kavya Lekhan, Vakrattv spardha, Halvu kanthay, Lok Vagh , Sangeet, Chitrakala and Sarjanatmak were included. In this Chauryasi Taluka , 10 schools participated for this Competition.

And 94 students participated and all the students performed well , they gave their best to compete in this competition.

  • At the time of results, all the participants got excited after waiting a long time for results and wanted to know that who won. When our guest announced the name of the winners, students got very glad to achieve success .

  • Enakshi Gayekwad from std 10th Won 1st prize in Chitrakala ( A - Vibaag) Competition and Singh Jyoti from std 12std won 1st prize in Halvu Kanthya which very proud moment for Gajera Vidhyabhavan .Sahu Nindhi from 12th std won 2nd prize in Bhajan competition. Yadav Pradeep from 12th std won 2nd prize in Ek Patriya Abhinay ,Borad Priya from 10th std won 3rd rank in Chitrakala (A-Vibhag) Fojdaar Saloni from std Nibandh won 3rd rank .

  • It's a glory moment for Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin. and those who won 1st prize they got the chance to take part in District level competition. And those who were not achieved they encouraged other students who won.

shared their excitement for this Competition .

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