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Circumstances or Choice?


Life Circumstances are the circumstances in which people live which impact directly on their health both mentally and physically (Scottish Public Health Observatory). These circumstances can include: Living conditions e.g. secure housing, locality, overcrowding, green space, traffic.


  • At the time, some choices might have seemed inconsequential, while others were major life choices. But in the end, all of these choices from together to create the person you are today and the life you live. And if you start being more aware of your choices, you can change your life.

  • There I was, standing in the fairway on the fifth hole at a local golf course. I was about 125 yards away from the green.

In front of the green was a pond that stretched along the left side and around the back.

I had two choices:

  • I could lay it up, meaning intentionally hit it short of the pond to have an easier next shot and greater chance of landing on the green.

  • I could go for it and aim for the middle of the green, and risk hitting it short or long and losing my ball in the water.

A little background about my golf game, I’m not that good.

I have my moments, but for the most part, when I am standing up there ready to hit the ball, I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I have an idea in my mind what I want to happen, but for some reason with golf it rarely happens.

  • When I was younger, I would always lay it up because the overwhelming odds were that I would lose my ball in the pond.

But I’ve since become more confident in my game and decided to go for it.I hit the ball solidly and the flight path looked good. As it came down I realized I made the right choice. My ball successfully landed in the middle of the green.

  • While this choice didn’t measure high on the scale of big life decisions, it is a decision nonetheless. In fact, I bet you would be surprised if you took a step back and thought about how many choices you make in a day.

  • And I’m sure you’d be even more surprised if you tried to see how all those choices led you to where you are today.

In this, Covid-19 pandemic children have to learn online classes through the phone or laptop and they need internet connection. But due to lack of availability of mobile phone children are unable to attend the classes.

  • Due to this circumstance parents have two choices.

  • Either buy a phone so the children can study online classes and second choice is skip

  • Their study. So, the parents need to take proper decision about their children’s study.

  • If they skip their children study than it will be great loss not only for children and parents but also for society.

In this circumstances parents need to resolve by providing a phone for their future.

In our life we have to take decision on the basis of our circumstance but it will not be beneficial for every matter. Sometimes we have to select choice on the basis of future also. So, Choice according to circumstances are extensive parts of our life.

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