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Constructivism in pedagogy

“Constructivism is an important learning theory that educator’s use to help their students learn it is based on the idea that people actively construct our make their own knowledge”

In this manner,an exclusive webinar for the educators on constructivism was organised by Gajera Vidyabhavan, Sachin. It took place on 25.06.2021at 1 p.m.It was conducted in English using Zoom application including screen sharing.The overall moderation of the meeting was done by Alice Durgayan from Armenia.The centre of the webinar were difficult aspects like teaching style and process, teaching approach,constructivism in , psychology of students,fun like teaching, teachers role in education,etc. The whole staff has had the opportunity to get to know about the exact teaching process.

She further threwlights on the constant on-going teaching process and suggested that teachers role need to change as mentor.She emphasised that fundoing activity should be carried out in a class.The session went to be more informative as she continued to talk about the need to transform the teaching process to a more technology based education. Her focus was on constructivism that would not only facilitate academic progress of the student but help them build a happy healthy and positive approach of life.

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