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Creativity from the children

  • Creative thinking is one of the important elements of early childhood development. With imagination and creativity activities, a child can enhance their skills physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.

  • It is one of the most significant elements for establishing self-expressions. With the help of creativity, toddlers can find pleasure in expressing their ideas through sounds, colors, and shapes. Creative learning also encourages problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

  • Gajera Vidhyabhavan,Sachin provides creativity learning which is helpful for the students. And they feel glad to learn all these things in this school.

  • They learn with enthusiasm and boost their mind.

These are the following activities which Gajera Vidhyabhavan, Sachin providing to our learners.

One of the most important benefits of organizing creative thinking activities for kindergarten is that it helps in building social communication skills among your toddlers. 

  • Creativity is one of the best ways to express. Thus, it helps children in expressing their emotions and when your child grows up the use of art and craft provides them a safe way to socialize with other children.

  • It also teaches them about building relationships and how to work together 

Problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and even math skills improve through creative plays hence making them intellectually strong.

The use of a pencil, crayons, and paintbrushes motivates children to develop their motor skills. 

  • Ways to Develop Creativity in Children

If you are thinking of how to encourage creative thinking, then below mentioned are some of the best imagination and creativity activities that promote creative thinking among your toddler, which are:

  • Cut and Glue Activity

It is one of the most creative art activities that help your kid in building their creativity level. The only things that you need are a scissor, color, glue, paper, and board. Ask your child to cut the paper in different shapes, color it, and paste it on the board. This can also help you in creating a memorable piece of art. It also helps you in enhancing the motor skill of your tot.

  • Clay Modeling Activity

It is one of the most fun-oriented and creative items to play. Just give your child some clay and let them take over their imaginations. It also encourages the child to make different shapes, thus improving their mental skills.

  • Finger Painting

If you are still thinking of how to encourage creativity in a child then you can think of finger painting activity. It is one of the messiest and the most interesting activities that your child can do. For conducting this activity, you only need watercolor and drawing paper. For doing this activity spread some drawing paper on the table and leave your child free to do the painting with fingers.

  • Dramatic Play

The other way of encouraging creativity in children is through dramatic play. This is the most fun-loving activity that every toddler will love to do. Ask your child to behave like a tiger walking in a jungle, a pot with boiling water, or anything and perform a dramatic play. It will not only build your toddler’s creative thinking but it will also help them in enhancing their abstract thinking, emotional, and language skills as well. 

  • A New Ending

Kids love to hear good stories, like fairy tales.  Read their favorite story and ask them to give a new ending. Encourage them to change the story using a character from other stories. This activity will not only improve creative thinking but you will also come to know about the rich fantasy of your school-goer.

  • Creative Role-Playing

Give your child a couple of stuffed animals and let them act in whatever way they like. By having a role-play, kids will create conversations and situations in such a way that it will also help them in improving their social skills.

  • A Creative Out-of-the-Box

You can also help your child in thinking out of the box by giving those creative games and activities. These games will also help them in developing skills like coordination, self-express

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