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Debate Competition

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it”

- Joseph Joubert

  • A debate is an organized argument or contest of ideas in which the participants discuss a topic from two opposing sides. Those who agree with this statement or idea are those who are speaking“ For the motion" side.

  • Those who will not agree with this statement or idea are those who are from “Against the motion ”side. Each side will show in an organized and clever way why they believe to have the right answers.

  • They will use examples and evidence to support their ideas while working towards a conclusion. The aim of a debate is to convince the opposition that you are right. When the two sides agree on the subject or when one side's arguments are more convincing than the other side that is when the debate comes to a close.

  • In a formal debate, a mediator (a person that has not agreed with the Pro or the Con) will decide who the winner should be.

You don’t win a debate by suppressing discussion;You win it with a better argument.

  • An interesting debate competition was organized at Gajera vidyabhavan Sachin. Total four teams participated in the debate competition followed by Yellow, Blue, Red and Green team.

  • the venue for the debate competition was the activity area of the school. Lots for debate competition were drawn before starting round one.

  • in round one all the participants were given 4 minutes for the speech after the completion of this speech the injector from other team were asked to ask the question from the opposite team .

  • Second round was rebuttal round in which all the participants were given one minute to put their point across in order to prove their side.

  • A panel of judges were also invited for judging the debate competition and the judges were DeasiBhavna Mam, VisaveNamdev Sir and Gandhi Rina Mam. All the participants tried their level best in order to win the competition.

  • After the end of rebuttal round all the participants were praised with a great round of applaus.

  • Judges prepared their judgment sheet and handed it over to our Principal Mr. Nitin Patil Sir and he announced the winner of the competition.Gaekwad Ennakshi and Agarwal Jayesh from Red House emerged as winner.

  • After the announcement of the winners our principal Sir gave a short speech to the students who were present before him as an audience in order to motivate them to participate in such competitions.

  • At the end our Vice Principal Mam Mrs. Anju Mistrypresented a vote of thanks.

“The key to holding a logical argument or debate is to allow oneself to understand the other person’s argument no matter how divergent their views may seem.”

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