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Diagnosis and Remedial Teaching

In order to achieve the goal of universalization of elementary education, the focus of all developing countries including India is on improving the education system in general and elementary education in particular in the 21st century. Education is a lifelong process. The history of education is very vast. Teacher-centered education, syllabus-centered education, and Book centered education had lots of problems. Fortunately, now we have the concept of a learner-centered education system. Teacher centered education has lots of problems but it is an established fact that teacher is the key factor in determining the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. Therefore, it is important to equip elementary school teachers with innovative skills and techniques to make the teaching-learning process more interesting and effective. Therefore, keep in mind all these things teaching process should be learner-centered.

We know that education is a lifelong process and the History of education is very vast. Just think about 'Gurukul Pranali'. It was a good teaching method but it was teacher-centered education. Then, we look syllabus centered or Book Centered Education. But they had also a lot of problems. There was missing the main unit, and it is the Learner. Without a student or learner, all methods and Techniques are useless. Without keeping in mind this thing we have not been succeeding hundred percent Chhatra Devo Bhava is necessary as well as Guru Devo bhava. We should consider individual differences. Fortunately, the concept of Learner-centered education came in the education field, because of this the scenario of the education field has been changed. Today learner is the central unit of the education system. All methods and techniques are learner-oriented. Here we will discuss one of them. It is the Diagnosis and remedial teaching. Education has a different part of the level. Like,

* Pre-school Education

* Elementary Education

* Secondary Education

* Higher Education etc.

We will discuss Elementary education. Elementary education has its own value. It is the foundation of the education system. The foundation of education of a child builds at its primary level of education. Psychologist believes that the learning capacity of a child is more up to 10 years. A child spend his important years in the school, of course, every part of the level of education has their own value, but the responsibility of the school is more. Here we will take the meaning of diagnosis and remedial Teaching.

Diagnosis is the process of determining the nature of a problem. In education, the problem is often to do with low attainment, and diagnostic tests attempt to measure the various aspect of the area concerned to determine whether any basic skills are particularly weak. This would then be linked to some remedial or corrective action. It is not always the case, however, that diagnosis combines both description and prescription. Some so-called diagnostic tests are entirely descriptive.

Remedial Teaching

Specialization or additional instruction to correct deficiencies in learner accomplishments or achievements, with the expectation that the student will ultimately e master the regular curriculum through regular channels contract with Compensatory Methodology and Adapted education.

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