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Eco-Friendly Ganpati making

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most celebrated festivals in Maharashtra, especially as it honours the birth of our most favourite and beloved elephant-headed deity Lord Ganesha. idols are made up of plaster of Paris that cause immense harm to our environment. It’s time to welcome Lord Ganesha to our homes, societies and clubs once again. While Gajerians are excited about welcoming Ganesha with increasing awareness about saving nature.

Mr. Nitin Patil, who is the principal of Gajera vidyavaan sachin who is the trainer of this workshop. He organized a workshop for the parents that was "Eco-friendly Ganpati making" on behalf of Gajera School.Before starting the workshop , Mr. Nitin patil explain the importance of eco friendly Ganesha So , the parents can understand about the theme of workshop.The workshops aim to teach the participantsthe technique of making Ganpati idols using fire clay (shadu) or other easily available eco-friendly material and conserve the environment.The workshops was held on August 25 th,2022 Thursday ,at Gajera vidyavaan sachin under the tag line “Apla Bappa Apanach Banvuya “, Majority of students and parents participated in Eco friendly Ganesh Making workshop. Ganesh idol was made very creatively, innovatively and passionately.

Through this activity We are a part of this environment and are connected to other elements of the universe. It’s our duty to protect each other and Ganesha, who is the lord of wisdom, guides us to do so.” The workshop ended with the aim of Instilling a love for nature and love for our culture is our motto.

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