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-》Education, A Spark of Every eye, A Dream Of Every Child. -》''Education for Indians''was a slogan of Our Great Freedom Fighters of Our Great India. Some Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Sarojini Naidu's contribution in promoting education for Indians is a great carving on a stone.

-》Mahatma Gandhi completed his studies of law in university of london. But his will for protecting Indians against british rule made him work for educating Indians for their rights.

-》 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose passed BA in philosophy from the Scottish Church College under the University of Calcutta and also cleared the ICS examination with good remarks for his father.

-》Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel completed his barrister studies from england and became one of the most successful barrister of Ahmedabad.

-》Sarojini Naidu was a bright student studied in the king's College of England and was the first Governor of the United Provinces of Agra.

-》Technology, a backbone of our Indian Infrastructure, has played a great role in enhancing the Quality of Education of Our Great India. Technology, has underwent many revolutions, which is a greatest revolution of our Great India.

-》Education which was earlier taught in temples and by making the students sit under trees has now been replaced by high centralised classrooms full with variety of facilities.

-》Advanced Education aims at making the students self dependent in future and capable of facing difficulties of life with grace.

-》Education is a life long process. Education is not only lessons learned in schools and colleges. It's lessons taught by life for improvement with the help of experiences.

-》The physical, social, spiritual values are the real values of life which are taught with the help of education. The feeling of compassion for others is inbuilt in students with the help of our Great Education.

-》Educational technologies like projector, libraries, playground, computer labs, science labs, etc. Have contributed a lot in making the education reach every child of India.

-》Yoga classes,different competitions, book reading competition, improved student

's creativity and imagination.

-》Teaching methods are so much improved that teachers have also gained knowledge and have learnt different and innovative methods of teaching which will enable the students earn bread for themselves and their families with grace and compassion.

-》Creative and innovative methods of teaching ignites critical thinking and brainstorming among the learners .

-》Innovative learning ensures the scope of creativity and helps the learners to think out of box.

-》Students learn to grow with Grace and a understanding that life is defined by the way a person lives his life and a way they respect others.

-》The hard time, every nation is going through, has forced the world to close all educational Institutions like Schools, Colleges, Tuition classes, and even Universities for more than one year.

-》Students have even started missing their school time fun and their friends. They have even lost their dedication towards studies.

-》But Our Educational Minister and educationalist efforts have kept the students learning uninterrupted through online classes and online examinations.

-》The educationalists with their efforts in these hard times are affected the most but they are still educating the students in a most effective way. Salute to such educationalists for their stone melting efforts

-》''Education is a Ignition, ignited in our Minds and Hearts. Education is the fragrance of our developing souls.''

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