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Elocution competition

Elocution means a manner of expression , complete information.

  • Elocution refers to how a person speaks or reads aloud in public. It is an oral delivery skill that involves voice control, volume, and pronunciation. Elocution is an important part of public speaking because the voice impacts speech delivery and can make a relatively good speech appear bad.

  • Elocution includes pronunciation, grammar, style , gesture , voice modulation , accent. It helps the students to improve communication skills, personality development and boost confidence.

  • Elocution is so important that many schools hold an elocution contest for their students. Learning elocution at a young age gives children a head start, and it prepares them for speaking confidently in public .

What is elocution competition

  • An elocution competition is a speech competition between people, mainly students, to judge their speech-giving skills. Usually, the contestants talk about a topic and they create their speeches for said topic. In the end, they are judged, and the person with the best speech is named the winner.

How to prepare for an elocution contest

  • These tips can help you improve your elocution, whether you have an elocution contest or not.

  • Analyze and understand the topic. You can’t speak on something confidently if you don’t fully understand it.

  • Prepare way ahead of time. Give yourself a lot of time to perfect your speech, so it comes naturally

  • Practice your public speaking skills. You can start small with a group of people, so you don’t get overwhelmed on the elocution day.

“Admiration comes easy to a person, who is endowed with the fine art of public speaking, who adorns common thoughts with the grace of elocution, and the elegancy of style”

……the famous words pondered on in the minds of all those who had the privilege to witness Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin Elocution Competitions held on the 6th September from 10am to 11.30am hosted by the school in the auditorium.

  • The program was hosted amicably by our talented pupil from primary section,  The event began with a prayer followed by a welcome speech. The rules of the competition were read for clarifications. The event had over 19 talented speakers from 3 to 7 th std. They were made to choose one from many of the inspirational topics provided for their speech.

  • The participants, exhibited perfect nuances and finer points that go into making a public speech interesting and captivating. The poise, self-confidence and praiseworthy articulation delivered by the speakers with uncommon sense of conviction, made the event a benchmark for the fellow students, also providing utmost satisfaction and pride to the teachers.

  • The judges were linguistic experts and gave speech about elocution which were adjudged during the competition were voice quality, speech content and delivery standards with appropriate topics.

  • It was impressive to see the confidence of all our participants. A vote thanks given by our Vice Principal mam for their performance.

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