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Fun learning

Fun learning is a Holistic approach to education .When students are engaged and having fun they turn on their effective processing and long term memory storage and the information is retained. Students who are active learners are more engaged and have more fun. There are so many games and activities that we used to make learning fun.

When teachers use activities that make learning engaging and fun.

  • Students are willing to participate. Games offer a fun filled, relaxed environment when they can practice using new words and are free to express themselves.

  • Fun learning develops life skills in young children.

  • Facilitates collaborative learning through play and exploration. Faster active participation and nurtures a passion for learning from an early age. Having fun while learning also helps students retain information better because the process is enjoyable and memorable. Learning is a spontaneous and natural process That happens throughout our lives.

Yet, the enthusiasm and joy of learning we develop as toddlers seem to disappear as we grow older and enter the society. However, learning should be an exhilarating, motivating and trans formative experience. Thus, fun learning approach is a pedagogical solution which enables us to discover the joy of learning and become lifelong learners .

  • Gajera vidyabhavan sachin not only focus on study and syllabus and don't believe in chalk and talk method but believe in brain development also. So we apply brain base education and do fun with learn. So students enjoy learning.

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