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Handwriting Competition

Handwriting competition is not going to solve all these problems but it can provide a focus on the skill of handwriting and spark a few weeks of concentrated effort throughout the school that can raise the whole level of competence.

Gajera Vidyabhavan Sachin organized the Inter-Class English Handwriting Competition for the students of the Pre-Primary Section. The students participated in it with a lot of zeal and excitement. The objective of this competition was to motivate students to enhance their writing skills. It provided a platform for the students to showcase their writing competency and develop their fine motor skills. The best handwriting was selected according to specific parameters and the students were applauded for their splendid performance.

We believe that the desired changes in the lives of such children will come only by educating them as better citizens. The main intention of conducting this competition is to create awareness among students and school management of Handwriting.

Handwriting is an essential skill for students. It is an incredibly important exercise for students to encourage them to develop fine motor skills and confidence. It activates the brain and contributes to reading fluency. It also encourages and recognizes the good handwriting skills. It provides students with an opportunity to display their competency of legible writing. The response of the students was very encouraging. The majority of students had put in their best foot forward to enhance their writing skills.

The students of Pre-Primary had bees in their bonnet as they took part with amazing alacrity in the Handwriting Competition. They penned down sentences in their best hand, eager to please their teachers. The competition helped enhance their fine motor skills and also brought to fore their competitive spirit.

When anybody writes, it is just not the use of a pen and pencil on a paper, but it is a process that involves coordination between the mind and motor actions of the brain. The brain conceives a thought and directs hands and fingers to reproduce these thoughts in the form of words or sentences, with the help of a writing instrument on a writing object. Handwritten communication being the most primitive media of expressing oneself has been proved to be an effective process of learning a language in terms of correct spellings, massive vocabulary, and exquisite communication abilities, both through written and verbal forms. Writing by hand also activates the parts of the brain that are involved in memory, impulse control, and attention.

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