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'Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'. – Lao Tzu.

Educators often have mixed feelings about having their students being evaluated. Feedback is good for students too because it helps them feel more engaged in their education. Students, who feel their opinion matters, are far more likely to have a personal stake in the educational process. Feedback also provides teachers concrete understanding of making the education process more enjoyable and effective. Educators who are more responsive to their students stand a better chance of providing a quality educational experience.

Following are the advantages of evaluation of students -

*Educators can identify existing strengths and weaknesses, and work harder in the areas that need development.

*Students can guide teachers toward providing educational experiences they truly enjoy.

*Students can highlight a teacher’s positive aspects, which can fire the teacher’s enthusiasm.

*Teachers will be less likely to become complacent in their work if they know that they will be evaluated regularly.

Teacher’s evaluation of students offers an excellent insight into the current effectiveness of a teacher “out in the field”. When teachers perform the evaluation process of students regularly, the quality of the educational experience is sure to improve for both the teacher and the students. This new generation learns about the world through the people they meet during their early life. Obviously, the parents have a huge role in teaching the way of life to their offspring.

In my opinion, the second most influential persons for young people are teachers. They have the colossal responsibility to shape the mind of their students, to open their minds, to prepare them for managing the world. Evaluation can improve the teaching methods and materials. Students may become more motivated and then may engage and listen more carefully during the class. On the other hand, they can develop creativity which is today a vital skill in a world overwhelmed by information.

To make the students more comfortable around their teachers, we had organized a feedback session for 2 days at Gajera Vidyabhavan Sachin for our students which is a way to develop more trust and to make the teachers more reachable.

Through this process of spotting errors and corrections, students will be able to manage their own failures more easily. Students also need to learn that success exists, thanks to an accumulation of mistakes and feedback. The teachers also have to stay open-minded and accommodating.

The evaluation should be deep and repeated at strategic points from time to time; for example, between chapters, at the end of the day, or after each activity, it is the role of the teacher to facilitate his/her own evaluation. He/she has to ask questions and show kindness toward his/her pupils. The questions should not be focused on the personal feeling of the students, but on the way to improve the activity. My experience with the letters of advice was that they provided me with valuable insights into what worked well for the students. It is vital to train critical minds to design a bright tomorrow. IMPACT OF STUDENTS EVALUATION

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