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The first Olympic day was celebrated on 23rd June 1948. Olympic day was introduced in 1948 to the birth of the modern olympic games on 23rd June, 1894 at the sorbonne in Paris on 23 June 1894, delegates from 12 countries gathered at the sorbonne( Paris) to support , "Pierre de Coubertin's" proposal to revive the Olympic games.

In 1947 Dr. Gruss,an International Olympic committee member in Czechoslovakia, presented a report in the 41 session of the International Olympic committee in Stockholm and proposed to observe a day to celebrate Olympic day. One year later in 1948 the organizing committee finally decided June 23 as the International Olympic day to honour the International Olympic committee's foundation at the sorbonne, Paris.

  • The Olympic games are held every four to respect the ancient origins of the the Olympic games, which were held every four years at Olympia.The four-year interval between the Ancient games editions was named an"Olympiad" and was used for dating purposes.

  • Time was counted in Olympiad rather than years at the time.

  • The goal of World Olympic Day is to promote participation in different sports throughout the world without any discrimination of gender, age, and athletic ability.

  • This day was started to increase awareness about health and sports among the general public through various methods.

World Olympic Day is nowadays developing into much more than just a sports event. The importance of this day increases many folds because the problem of obesity is increasing very rapidly in the world.

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