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Maker's Day Award Ceremony 2021

  • At Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin, award ceremony of Maker's Day was held on 16th October, 2021. Every year on 12th October is celebrated as Maker's Day .

  • In Sunita Makerspace includes four categories Innovation, Creativity, Social and Synergy. As a Part of celebrations , different competitions were organized for students on school level based under the four categories of Sunita Makerspace.

  • In this Sunita Makerspace, there were total 366 students were participated from Kg to 12th std .

  • Students were awarded for their wonderful performance by our special Guest Ravi Bhavsar , Mr. Ravi Kumar , Mr. Solanki , Mr. Abdul Razak Saiyad for getting 1st , 2nd and 3rd prize in Maker's Day.

  • To appreciate our students, parents were also there. Our educators were also appreciated and got award for getting 2nd and 3rd rank for "Gyanam Competition " by our Guest. Our guest also gave speech to appreciate not only the students but also the audiences.

  • This year ,the Maker's Day theme was " Mother Nature " . In order to protect and preserve our Mother nature .

  • Through this competition , it encourages the students to develop their skills and talents in order to protect and preserve our mother nature and also to spread awareness and bring light towards the nation which is helpful for the development of our country. We thankful to our trustee Chuni sir and Kinjal mam for their guidance.

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