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Mime Competition

Uttarayan is celebrated because there is a change in weather from this day. As humans do not get sufficient early morning sunlight during the period before the makarsankranti day because of intense cold, so to fulfill the requirement of sunlight in the human body, the population of India gathers at their respective terrace on this day. To make this requirement fulfillment interesting, kite flying is done along with soaking sunlight.

Uttarayan- Kite flying festival is celebrated on the 14th and 15th of January every year in India. Kite-flying participants use glass-coated threads - "Manja" to fly kites that cause severe wing injuries to thousands of birds. Many such injured birds succumb to painful deaths while others are maimKite-flying is an apt expression of the elation of Sankranti. The celebrations can be just as fun with some consideration for the other residents of the air, experts say. Instead of using the glass-coated nylon manjha from China, the Indian cotton manjha could be used. Kite-flying could be done before or after dawn and dusk – a time when birds are most active.

To save Birds we never said that we should not celebrate the festival, but to celebrate with caution, so it does not create a disturbance to the other dear beings on our planet.

The ideas are -

1) Limiting the kite flying between the time 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM because it's the main time for birds to search for their food.

2) Instead of flying the kite from the terrace of high-rise buildings, we can fly the kite in open ground as it will create a distance between the birds and the kite.

3) Wearing a helmet at the time of driving and even wearing clothes around the neck so to avoid any injury

4) Not using the flyovers at the time of Makarsankranti

5) If you find any bird hurt, please inform the concerned NGO.

6) If NGO is unable to reach on time for help, then keep the bird under some well-ventilated box.

7) Enjoyment of festival should not sourly rely on kite flying but it should also include some good food eating, playing cricket, playing some outdoor games. So, to conclude, our enjoyment should not hurt someone else.

Life is a cycle, and mime is particularly suitable for showing fluidity, transformation, metamorphosis. Words can keep people apart; mime can be a bridge between them.”

Gajera Vidyabhavan Sachin School known for its innovative ideas, where all the students of Grade 5 to 7 had an opportunity to learn and explore themselves in the Intra-house Mime competition.

We conducted Inter-House Mime Competition on 13th January 2023 in the school premises, on the theme ' Save Birds ' . The anchoring was done our student Singh Vaishnavi from std 7th. The welcome of our principal sir and vice principal ma’am was done in a unique way by our participants. One by one each house performed their mime on save birds which was really inspirable for our audience also. It spreader awareness among the students about save Birds and how can we help them.. It created a great impact on our learners which they can use in their practical life also. Principal sir gave some important instruction about the day that which kind of precautions we have to take while we are flying kites. The competition was ended by the result announcement by our judges. In this competition, Green House won the first prize and was appreciated by our audience.

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