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Mother's day

Mothers, also known as another form of God. There's a saying in India,'' Gods can't reach everywhere, so he sends mothers on the earth.'' Mothers are treated as the purest soul on the earth. Mother's love is the best gift of god for everyone on this Planet Earth. Mothers don't just cook food and feed their families, they nourish their families with proper love and care. They nourish their children in a way that they become the ideal citizens of a nation. They don't just nourish their children, they show the same love and care to other children too. It would not be wrong to say,'' Every mother is the maker of the world.''

It's not possible for everyone every day to show their mothers their love as some have to work while have to study.

Therefore, A day is selected and the whole nation showers their love on mothers. Such day is none the less than the Auspicious Day. An Auspicious day celebrated in the whole world, is MOTHER'S DAY. The day the another form of gods also known as Mothers are worshipped by everyone in this world. On this day, every child should shower his/her love on their mothers and make them feel special on this auspicious day.

Let's take a moment and we Gajerians highly feeling pleasured to wish all the mothers on the planet earth for their selflessly great approach as the unique example of love and compassion. ''A very Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. Your presence made us feel more blessed. Your love never leave us alone. Thank you so much mother for your great love and care.''

Mother's don't just do household chores, they work outside in the offices and earn their bread. They work efficiently at home and at office with a smile on their face. Their smile brings a smile on every child's face. They are the real warriors of life.

On this special day, I am feeling really blessed to have a mother who really loves me a lot and for me she has sacrificed her days and night looking after me. She never left me alone in the dark nights. Thank you so much mother for your unconditional love.

I can't give you so much as much as you have given to me in this birth but I will keep up my efforts to give you every bit of happiness.

Let's celebrate each day as mother's day and give her immense love and pleasure as much we can give.

A quote made by me especially for mothers,'' Mother's hand on our head is never the less than the blessing of every god.''

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