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National Youth Day

National Youth Day, also known as Vivekananda Jayanti, is observed on January 12th, Swami Vivekananda’s birthday. This day was declared National Youth Day by the Indian government in 1984, and it has been celebrated in India every year since 1985.

Youth is the country’s building block that propels it forward on the path to success. The country’s most valuable asset is its youth, who have a significant influence on how our future will be. Ideas and enthusiasm lubricate the country’s machinery with a slew of innovative ideas. As a result, it is critical to recognize the importance of youth and their valuable contributions to the country. The youth instills zeal and energy in the country, which benefits it in a variety of ways. Young people who thrive on having their own opinions pave the way for social reformation and liberal thinking. As a result of these opinions, society improves. National Youth Day is observed in India to honor Swami Vivekanand, India’s most extraordinary leader, and to raise awareness about the youth as the country’s most valuable asset and how they can contribute to its development. In schools and colleges, National Youth Day is observed. Various programs are being organized in which students or children participate in processions, speeches, conventions, writing, debating, and other activities.

Gajera Vidyabhavan, Sachin celebrated Youth day by organizing ‘ Elocution competition ’ for the students of Secondary and Higher Secondary section. The theme for the competition was Youth day. It is very important to mould the minds of youth in order to develop the nation.

The judges for the competition were Mr. Vishwakarma Darpan and Mrs. Gandhi Rina. All the participants very enthusiastic and also by seeing their enthusiasm other students also got motivation . Mahajan Himani from Yellow house secured first position, Gaekwad Vedantee from Red house and Singh Vaibhav from Green house got Second and Third rank respectively. Further a motivational speech was delivered by our respected Principal sir.The winners were given certificates by the Principal of our School. The program was concluded with an appreciation speech by our Vice Principal Mam.

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