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Nest Making Competition

"I really believe that everyone has a talent, ability, or skill that he can mine to support himself and to succeed in life. ...

The art of the bird is to conceal its nest both as to position and as to material, but now and then it is betrayed into weaving into its structure showy and bizarre bits of this or that, which give its secret away and which seem to violate all the traditions of its kind. Nest building is a taxonomically widespread activity, with birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, and insects all constructing nests of some description in which to lay eggs and raise offspring. A nest is a structure built for certain animals to hold eggs or young. Although nests are most closely associated with birds, members of all classes of vertebrates and some invertebrates construct nests. They may be composed of organic material such as twigs, grass, and leaves, or may be a simple depression in the ground, or a hole in a rock, tree, or building. Human-made materials, such as string, plastic, cloth, or paper, may also be used. Nests can be found in all types of habitat.

Versatility in use of construction material may be an adaptive advantage or a disadvantage (less ability to specialize construction). The available evidence suggests that natural selection more often favors specialization over flexibility in nest here we introduce different types of nest by their names. Nest is build by the birds. The birds use leaves,sticks,etc. to make the nest.It is one of the shelter for birds. Birds lay eggs in the nest.

Each bird build different types of nest.

  • A badger's nest is called a sett.

  • A beaver's nest is called a lodge.

  • An eagle's nest is called an eyrie.

  • An otter's den is called a holt or a couch.

  • A pheasant's nest is called a nide.

  • A rabbit's nest is called a form.

  • A squirrel's or ringtail possum's nest is called a drey.

  • A wasp's nest is called a vespiary.

That's why 'Birds Are the World’s Best Engineers'

A nest is “a disordered stick bomb,” resilient in ways that humans have hardly begun to understand, much less emulate.Their tiny brains, dense with neurons, produce marvels that have long captured scientific interest as naturally selected engineering solutions yet nests are still not well understood. We tried to do at our Gajera school campus with our students by arranging Bird's Nest Making Competition. Through this competition , our students get to know about the Birds' nest and how they make it with their own. It develop the concern related to the birds and their residence.

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