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The Only One Earth campaign for World Environment Day 2022 encourages the world to celebrate the earth by taking collective environmental action. As we all know, there are so many planets in the universe, but none of them are capable of supporting life in the same way that Earth is. The totally natural things on Earth, such as air, water, flora, fuel, energy, etc., are necessary for all life to thrive. Totally natural things on the planet have a finite

amount of resources and cannot be created.

Currently, the natural resources of our planet are progressively depleted and polluted. Due to overuse, naturally occurring oil and gas are on the brink of extinction. Excessive air and water pollution have made the air unbreathable and the water unfit for human consumption. Today, if we do not protect all-natural resources, the day will come when we will have to fight even harder to survive.

Still, we have the opportunity to take proactive steps to protect and improve the environment. Plastic must be avoided if we want a healthy ecosystem. Reusable things should be used to save the environment. The different forms of organic and inorganic waste must be separated and recycled. To conserve the environment, we must use less energy and more renewable energy sources. Forest fires are a major source of deforestation and have a wide range of negative ecological, economic and social consequences. Marine pollution is increasingly a problem. The ecosystem and the health of all species are harmed as a result of pollution. Wildlife conservation is critical to maintaining a healthy natural ecosystem and ensuring the prosperity and wealth of future generations.

We cannot conceive of our existence without the earth. Have you ever wondered how we would walk if the earth did not exist? There would be no water to drink, no animals to live here, and of course no agriculture, therefore no food to eat.

This indicates that human life and other living beings would be impossible to imagine without the earth. Put another way, “The earth provides us with everything; we must learn to offer something in return.” “The sun gives us light, the air gives us new life, and we all have agriculture on earth to abolish hunger.”

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