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The traditions are the soul of India. Varied traditions are followed in India even in this Modern Era. The main attraction for other Nations is our tradition and our way of respecting and welcoming them. There's a belief in India, ''वसुदेव कुटुम्बकम्'' which means, ''the whole world is our family and everyone on this planet is our family member.''

The earliest form of tradition of our Great India is its farming culture. Farming has made our India, ''A Golden Bird.'' Farming has been the oldest form of earning bread for the people of India. Farming has been and will be the main attraction of our great India. Farming is still prevalent in almost every part of Our India. Almost more than 50% of our Indian population is still dependent on Farming for earning their bread.

  • The cultivation process and harvesting process of crops in a natural way is Organic Farming. The Organic Farming has been used by Indians since our ancestors time. This is the best type of farming ever used by Indians for production of crops and fruits without any use of chemical.

  • This method is still adopted by our Indian Farmers. Indian farmers are known as the, ''Son of India''. This planet earth is their mothers who provide the farmers with healthy production and help them earn their bread. The Organic Farming helps to renew the fertility level of the soil and also helps our Mother Nature for maintaining balance.

  • Organic farming involves the use of every natural thing for example seeds and fertilizers. Chemicals and Pesticides are not used in this process for the production process in a natural and healthy way. Organic Products has become a new way of lifestyle for the people of India as they understand the value of a Good and Healthy Lifestyle.

The Organic Farming has also given the Golden Opportunity to the Sons of India for enriching their lifestyle as they get a high return in the market for Natural Products. The Opportunity for farmers to sell their Natural Production in International market has also opened the doors for Globalization in India. Farmers can easily sell and earn profit for their products as there is a high demand in International and national markets. Our Indian products are on a high demand in International markets as the commitment of providing the best is the only mantra of India.

  • The farming process includes the process to protect the production from getting destroyed by some birds and insects. This protection process is executed by spreading pesticides on the production before cutting them.

  • But, In Organic Farming, production is protected in a natural way and pesticides are not used till there is not a need of it for the protection of production.

  • Indian farmers place a scarecrow in their farms to protect their crops by crows and crop eating insects by painting the face scary on a pot.

If there is one area where the corona virus pandemic is causing massive rethinking, it is in what we eat, where we get our food from, and how the food is produced, stored, and prepared. There is a growing awareness regarding the health benefits of a natural, balanced diet which is boosting the demand of organic, sustainable foods.

  • In our Gajera Vidyabhavan School All the teachers gave information to the students about organic farming and tell them to take most of the fruits in the daily

  • The farming is a boon for Indians. The way they cultivate, the way they harvest is all filled with a desire to fulfill the citizen’s stomach and give them purity of food crops and love filled in it.

  • The love for farming has never gone from the heart of Indian Citizens and it will be imprinted in our hearts. Farming is and always will be the Heart of India.

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