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Parent Educators Meeting

"parent teacher meeting is the only place.

where parents cannot get complain but get complaints in return.".

  • Parent-teacher meeting works as a connecting link between parents and teachers as the parents know how the child behaves and is doing at home while the teachers would know about their behaviour at school.

  • The team of the teacher’s feedback and parent’s concern can immensely help a child’s educational journey. Based on the feedback received from the teacher, parents can coax children in doing activities that are beneficial for them, help them come out of cocoon if they are shy at school and help in their overall development.

  • Parent-teacher meetings are something all kids are scared of. But often these meetings can be used as a mode of motivating kids to do better.

  • This can be done by appreciating the children in front of their parents when they come to the meeting. This will lead to children understanding that their good behaviour in school does not go unnoticed, that everything they do is being observed.

  • This serves a dual purpose; children will be motivated to put on their best behaviour and will think twice before engaging in mischievous activities.

  • In our Parents Educators Meeting educators discuss about the development of the learners.These meetings are valuable opportunities to understand child’s world.

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