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Parents Teacher Meeting

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

"Communication between a parent and

a teacher can impact how well the student performs".

7 Reasons Why Parent Educator Meetings Are Important:

1. It leads to greater academic achievement in the classroom.

2. It makes the school environment safer.

3. It can prevent behavioral and academic problems.

4. It can encourage students to stay in school.

5. It can make a bad situation better.

6. It can ease a teacher’s workload.

7. Parents can give teachers insight into their students.

Gajera Vidyabhavan, Sachin

On 11 March 2022, Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin organized PTM (Parents Teachers Meeting ) Which was a chance for educators to interact with Parents and also with students.

  • All the parents are already aware of the importance of this day. Where they can get all the information about their children's progress.

  • All the educators saw the answer sheets of Unit Test 2 of the learner and discussed the points related to the students' academic progress. And also discussed events, celebrations and about the competition, encouraged the students to take part in coming competitions.

  • Parents had also interacted with the Principal Mr. Nitin Patil and Vice-Principal Mrs. Anju Mistry regarding their wards.

Parents have many dreams for their children. And puts his trust towards the school that one day my child will become a good person. With the same motive, we had organized the PTM to explain the skills that their children have which could be craving into a gem. With this meeting, we got lots of reviews through which we are able to improve the skills of the learners.

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