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PEM : A good quality time with parents

"A good education can change anyone and a good teacher can change everything. "

  • Each child need encouragement like a plant need water without it his growth is stunt and his potential safe school is the place where students get the great opportunity to know and work for verification and modification of themselves. School is intended to prepare students for life. They are places to learn, socialist, escape from difficult situations. We sometimes take for granted their importance in protecting and strengthening the hopes and happiness of young people.

  • A teacher's role is to make informed and intelligent decisions about practice to achieve various outcomes with and for students in their classes.

  • A teacher's role is to make judgments about how best to help their students learn in the environments in which they teach.

Parents teachers meeting is one of the most important part of the school because it is an effective wave for two-way communication parents and teachers to discuss how the children that has been doing in school. This include how his / her child is learning with activities as well as for growth of physical ,mental and emotional development.

  • When parents come to the school with his or her child .

  • He has many dream for the child. And puts his trust towards the school that one day my child will become a good person .

Effective communication is the first step in setting up successful parent teacher conferences.

  • Teachers should made an extra effort to help parents stay informed about upcoming meeting times and topics.

Additionally, teachers can keep parents in the loop by providing them with an overview of classroom themes and lessons that are planned for the year.

  • Knowing what his or her child is learning in school can help a parent assist with homework, questions, and after school support. Teachers should also communicate student struggles early, even before a parent teacher conference has occurred.

  • On 31st of August, 2021 Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin organised PEM ( Parent Educator Meeting ) Which was a second chance for educators to interact with Parents and also with students.

  • All the parents are already aware about the importance of this day. Where they can get all the information about their children's progress.

  • All the educators discussed about the points related to the students' academic progress. And also discussed about events, celebration and about the competition, encouraged the students to take part in coming competitions.

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