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Poster making Competition

" Being creative is not a hobby it is a way of life."

  • Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin, organized a Poster Making Competition for the students of the Class VI & VII on 23rd October, 2021. The objective of the competition was to ignite the fire of imagination and creativity in the students. The theme of the competition was ‘Eco- Friendly Diwali'.

  • There were total 20 Students participated in this competition and were asked to express their ideas through paintings and sketches.

  • The young learners displayed their artistic skills through an array of posters Students of all the four houses participated in the competition with immense zeal and enthusiasm and made beautiful posters which gave the message of saving our mother Earth and providing a greener environment to our future generations.

  • It was a great opportunity to watch these young minds creating and displaying their ideas on paper. The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.

  • Our judges Mr.Jignesh and Mr.Raju sir ,they obeserved and examined all the posters made by the students and on the basis of Judgment criteria gave marks to each participant students.

  • After judging all the posters of the students ,our judges took our the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranker's name and appreciated them for their excellent skills and also appreciated the participants students.

"Let This Diwali Burn All Your Bad Times, Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali! Give a clean environment to future generations, not a polluted one. Celebrate safe Diwali to maintain the beauty of nature."

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