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PTM-August 2022

'A teacher should inspire a child to reach academic success;

A parent should inspire their child to use that success in a way that influences positive change in the world '.

PTM is a great opportunity for both the teacher and parents to work for the betterment of the child. PTM is held for valuation of an academic and non- academic performance of the student. It helps to know and work for the child's performance.Face to face communication of Parents and teachers plays a vital role in their child’s learning academic and non- academic process.

At Gajera vidyavaan sachin, on 27th August 2022 PTM was conducted.The event witnessed around 95% attendence. The main object of the meeting was to created a common platform for Educators and parents to discuss students overall performance and devise Ways to enrich their learning experience.

The Educators briefed the parents about there ward's overall performance as well as delivered the information regarding to the upcoming SA-1 examination. They gave their suggestions and feedback for the development and betterliftment of the school.PTM is helpful to build a harmonious relationship between the parents, students , educators, school and community.

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