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Seminar on" Understand Me "

Students Psychology seminar for parents and educators.

" To have someone understand your mind is a different kind of intimacy. "

Gajera Vidhyabhavan Sachin, organized a seminar on 'Understand Me' . Our school give first priority to our students .

  • It thinks about the development of students not only physically but mentally also. So, the seminar was about about students Psychology seminar for Parents and educators which was conducted by Ms. Bina Gajjar .

  • Ms Bina Gajjar is a psychologist and psychotherapist from Surat. She discussed about the students' problem with their parents and explained the parents that they need to understand their children.

  • Never try to force your children for anything but instead of that try to understand your children.

  • That's how the problem will be solved otherwise children will face mentally problems. So, our psychologist tried to solve the problems of students facing by the parents and only parents but even teachers also.

  • Even teachers also discussed the problems faced by the students. Educators asked questions about how to deal with students who are facing mentally problem.

  • Our psychologist explained to our educators that how to deal with such type of students.

  • An she explained that even teachers also need to understand the situation or problems of the students.

  • That's how we can create a good relation between educators and students. Ms. Bina Gajjar discussed with parents and educators about the students who are facing mentally stress. And guided them to try to understand the students.

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