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Shloka competition

Shloka, means "song", from the root of śru, "hear", in poetic form used in Sanskrit, the classical language of India. ... Chanting shlokas everyday lower blood pressure, normalize heart beat rate, brain wave pattern, and even cut high cholesterol level.

  • Studies have shown that chanting shlokas helps to improve concentration and memory power in children. That’s because shlokas emit vibrations that activate the chakras (on the face and head) that play a role in learning and focus.

  • Slokas have a positive effect on us. They help relieve stress, restlessness and anxiety. You may make your children recite some relevant slokas during exams time, competition or even on a normal day to help them focus on their activities and feel refreshed.

  • If you make them learn the slokas and recite them everyday right from their childhood, it becomes a healthy habit and is beneficial even after they grow up.

  • Spirituality is a science of self realization and a process of personal transformation. We need to gift our children spiritual consciousness. Teach them that all souls are inherently pure, positive, peaceful and powerful.

  • Chanting of shlokas has been prevalent in Indian culture for hundreds of centuries. It is the recitation of words that have spiritual meaning.

  • Chanting shlokas also reduces stress and improves the portions of the brain that develop the traits of patience and empathy.

  • When kids chant shlokas, their breathing slows down. They’re able to take deep breaths and hold it for a few seconds. This regulates the functioning of the lungs and keeps the heart healthy.

Certain mantras put pressure on your child’s tongue, vocal cords, lips and other connected organs. The vibration also stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which regulates the secretion of hormones and improves immunity.

  • Gajera Vidyabhavan Sachin organized shloka competition. Students participated it very well and explained the meaning of shlokas and importance of shlokas in our life. Through this competition, learners knew about Indian culture and be holistic and spiritual.

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