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The Indian Navy Day

  • Every year 4th December is celebrated as navy day. It is celebrated to highlight the contributions and and achievement of the Indian navy. The first navy day in India was celebrated on 21st October 1944. After the second world War until 1972,. Indian navy was celebrated on 15 December. On this day in 1971, the Indian navy sank for Pakistani vessels, and hence the date 4th December is chosen to be celebrated as Indian navy day.

  • This day is Celebrated to commemorate the victory the operation trident on this day ,the warriors who died in the indo - Pakistan war are remembered.

  • The NIAT (Aeronautical technology of the Naval Institute )conducts community services for the navy people during this week. On this day the beating ,retreat and tattoo ceremony are organized in Gate way of India by the Indian navy.

  • Today we celebrated navy day in our school. Students gave speech on this day and some of the students prepared dance and song .video clipping related to navy soldiers was shown to the students. Students collect more information of navy day and enjoy the day.

for detail :

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