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It's the first day of the new academic year! Our campus, very quiet during the holidays, is again full of enthusiastic students and teachers who want to embark on a new educational journey together. In fact, according to one of our 4th graders: "I'm looking forward to school because I can see all my classmates and learn new things together in class!"

In Gajera Vidyabhavan Sachin, newly cheered up students were welcomed with Tilak Ceremony by respected Principal Sir and Vice Principal Ma’am by giving them sweets.

Welcome back to school, everyone! This is a new year with new discoveries, new friendships and new learning opportunities under the nurturing and careful supervision of our educators. Learner of grade 8, a new Gajerian, says: “I am a new student here and naturally, on the first day of school, I felt anxious. But everyone here, including the teachers, were friendly!”

We’re looking forward to all the adventures we will go on and all the fun we’re going to have together in the upcoming school year and we hope that you are too!

Getting them back into the school routine will take some careful planning. But it is important to put some plan and thought into the day.

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