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Welcome Celebration 2021-2022

Before starting this celebration of welcoming, let's remember and pray to Sarawati Mother, Mother of Education,

''या देवी सर्वभूतेषु विद्या रूपेण संस्थिता,

नमस्त्सयै नमस्त्सयै नमस्त्सयै नमो नमः।।''

I wish you all A Warm Welcome in the inauguration of new academic year. Previous year, this moment due to a pandemic named covid-19, all schools from classroom teaching switched to virtual teaching for the purpose of safety of our precious diamonds, that is, Our Future, Our Children.

After a long painful silent 170 days of our education life and empty classrooms, it was really a great pleasure to welcome our little gajerians into new academic session of their journey of education through virtual learning.

GAJERA VIDHYABHAVAN SCHOOL welcomes you all little gajerians with a new enthusiasm in your journey of learning after the previous year's successful completion of virtual learning. Little Gajerians with a sweet and innocent smile on their face have left their footmarks on the heart of our school and entered with new enthusiasm. Our Respected Principal sir Mr. Nitin Patil and our Respected Vice Principal Anju Mam and our little Gajerians lighted the lamp in front of our goddess of education, Our Respected Saraswati Maa, and welcomed her in their life. Students imprinted fingerprints on pictures of trees with a variety of colors.

It was A scene filled with joy and wonder in every heart of Educators and Learners. Our

educator Our Respected Joshi Shruti Mam Heartly welcomes all the Gajerian Educators and Learners and expressed her joy on successful completion of their Learners Education in the worst time of Covid-19. The Respected Principal Mr. Nitin Patil heartily welcomes you Our Children, the students, by expressing his Emotions and Happiness in the form of Speech. Our Respected Vice Principal Anju mistry wished the Learners for their next academic session and a Graceful and wonderful journey ahead.

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