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World Animal Day Celebration

World Animal Day is an annual event that falls on October 4 and celebrates the rights and welfare of animals around the world. It is an important day and has been celebrated since 1925, with a growing international community striving to end the unnecessary suffering of all animals.

By raising awareness and improving education around the world, those involved are helping to create a space that recognizes farm and wild animals as sentient beings with individual thoughts, feelings and personalities. Your welfare and treatment should reflect this.

With its international reach, many people around the world celebrate World Animal Day in different ways. Businesses and individuals can give animals a voice by celebrating World Animal Day in a variety of ways, whether it's through a fundraiser for charities supporting protection efforts, a goods donation drive or educational sessions, there are so many options for everyone to participate.

This year, the theme of World Animal Day is a "shared planet" which highlights that the world belongs to all living things and not just humans. WORLD ANIMAL DAY 2022 – October 4 is marked as World Animal Day, a global animal rights initiative that aims to ensure better standards for animal welfare.

At Gajera Vidyabhavan, Sachin in the pre-primary section has held the role play competition on this day. The students turned into different kinds of animals. Join the celebration of World Animal Day because through increased awareness and education we can improve animal welfare standards around the world!

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