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World Computer Literacy Day



The renowned Indian computer company, National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), first celebrated this day in 2001 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the NIIT's establishment. The day aims at encouraging the adoption of digital technologies, particularly by women and children. In order to provide computer literacy to the people who are not able to get proper information related to information technology, World Computer Literacy Day was celebrated in India. Given below we will be sharing with all of you the details related to the celebrations of the World Computer Literacy Day 2021.

On World Computer Literacy Day, the importance of computers in our lives is marked. The day is also used to create awareness about issues such as the digital divide, which hamper the uniform spread of digital skills across the globe.

Computer literacy is the level of expertise you have to use computers and related technology efficiently. Skill levels can range from having the basic knowledge of how to use a computer to perform tasks such as operating common software systems, platforms and computer programs to having some understanding of computer programming. The term is always evolving based on the latest advancements in computer technology.

The theme of the World Computer Literacy Day is- ”Literacy for human- centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide”. This year the day will be celebrated in order to help people understand the language and the usage of computers. We can participate in local events that will help you to understand the importance of computer literacy for all of the people of the world. The World Computer Literacy Day was founded in the year 2001 on the 20th anniversary of Indian company NIIT. It is important to spread awareness related to digital literacy around the globe because it is really important to the increase in digital companies in the world as of now.

Our educators celebrated this day on behalf of Gajera School Sachin. Our educator, who is specialized in Computer Subject and one of our student made presentation about this day and explained to the students.Our students get to know about the Evaluation of Computer, Importance of Computer and Generation of Computer, etc. There are a lot of personal initiatives that you can take in order to provide proper computer literacy to the people near you and help them to continue their education through proper resources. The computer helped us a lot during Covid-19 . During pandemic our educators taught to the students through the computer to study online classes.

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