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World Food day

In order to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, every year, World Food Day is celebrated across the globe on 16th October. This day aims at tackling global hunger and striving to eradicate hunger across the world.

World Food Day 2021:

  • On this occasion, the authorities come up with a new theme for "World Food Day" every year, revolving around agriculture, food and investments to increase production of food products. While last year, the theme was 'Grow, Nourish, Sustain Together. Our actions are our future', World Food Day 2021 theme is yet to be revealed.

  • World Food Day was established in November 1979, as suggested by former Hungarian minister of agriculture and food Dr Pal Romany. It gradually became a way to raise awareness about hunger, malnutrition, sustainability and food production.

  • This year, the emphasis of World Food Day is on celebrating food heroes or individuals who have contributed to building a sustainable world where no one has to go hungry. The idea is to contribute to the idea of building a hunger-free world.

At Gajera Vidyabhavan Sachin, "World food day"celebrated with our tiny tods .Parents also involved in this celebration.They performed a skit with their children and gave a message to not to waste a food.

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