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World Literacy Day :

" With Literacy and Knowledge, you can remove the darkness in your mind."

International Literacy Day (ILD) is celebrated on 8 September every year all across the globe to make people aware of the meaning and importance of literacy for individuals and societies. If we define literacy, then it is the ability to read, write, speak and listen in such a way that it helps us to communicate effectively and make sense to the world.

What is the meaning of Literacy?

Literacy is defined as the quality or state of being literate: educated. One who can read and write.

History of International Literacy Day

It was on 26 October 1966 when UNESCO declared 8 September as International Literacy Day to remove worldwide issues of illiteracy. The main purpose was not only to combat illiteracy but also to use it as a tool to empower individuals as well as the whole community. With all these talks, you all must be wondering how the idea of International Literacy Day was born at the World Conference of Ministers of Education on the eradication of Illiteracy held in Tehran in 1965. Along with all this going on, this day was accepted as a part of the UN’s sustainable development goals program in the year 2015. The issue of literacy was the main component of the UN’s sustainable development program.

The main theme for this year’s International Literacy Day is ‘Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces’. Through this theme, people will be able to relate to and understand the concept of literacy.

Reason for celebrating International Literacy Day

International Literacy day is celebrated to promote literacy and let people know their rights for social and human development. Literacy is an essential tool to eliminate poverty, lowering child mortality, population control, and attain gender equality. This day is celebrated to encourage people towards getting continuous education. UNESCO has been on the top of the list while promoting overall global literacy and has also helped in promoting International Literacy Day.

On this day, our school celebration World Literacy Day with Essay Writing Competition and Hand Writing Competition. WE organized Hand Writing Competition for std 1 to 4 . All students participated actively in this competition and showed their beautiful and unique writing while writing on this day. For std 5 to 7, we organized" Essay Handwriting Competition " and they had given choice for languages to write essay on this day. Most of students participated actively and with enthusiasm. They have written well enough this day. All students enjoyed while writing essay.

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