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World Nature Conservation Day

Every year on July 28, Nature Conservation Day is observed to emphasize that a healthy environment is a foundation for a stable and healthy society. Air, minerals, plants, land, water, and animals are among Earth’s natural resources, and the need to preserve these elements is essential.

The primary goal of World Nature Conservation Day is to save the animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction in the Earth’s natural ecosystem. Resource conservation is critical to the protection of our mother Earth. The earth’s natural beauty may be preserved through preserving different natural components such as water, air, soil, energy, flora, minerals and so on. Natural resource conservation is becoming more widely recognized. The importance of a healthy environment as a path to sustainable development is highlighted on World Nature Conservation Day on July 28.

Conserve nature:Conserving nature means to protect, preserve and restore biodiversity. Here are some ways that you can do this:

Try to prevent your pets from killing/harming wildlife (for some specific advice to help your local birds, see this).

  • Do not touch or take home wild animals or plants.

  • Plant native wildflowers, fruit trees, and pollinator-friendly plants in your garden or yard.

  • Make compost to improve soil quality and to help insects

  • Build and place bat houses, bird houses, and “bee hotels” in your garden, school grounds, and local green spaces .

  • Do not buy/keep wild pets at home (such as parrots, song birds, wild cats, or reptiles), in order to avoid supporting illegal trafficking of animals.Be aware of wild animals crossing the road and respect their path.

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Conserving the Natural Resources

Reuse and recycle: Think twice before throwing away what you have. There are people who can not find the most basic materials to stay alive due to others’ selfish behaviors. Also, you could reduce the usage of landscape and energy for making the new product that you are planning to buy by doing so.

Conserve water: Take less time to take a shower and do not waste the water that runs down while you are waiting for it to get warmer. Instead, you could keep it in a bucket and use it for watering your garden. Plant a tree: Trees produce food and oxygen. They also improve water quality.

Do not spill waste oil into your sink: 1 liter of waste oil pollutes 1 million liters of clean water. Try to use them as many times as possible, and after they go bad, you can find what to do with them here.

Shop wisely: Bring your reusable bags with you when you go shopping. Try to reduce the usage of plastic bags. You will see that doing so will even reduce the Money that gets out of your pocket! That time you can win.

World Nature Conservation Day is an annual event held on July 28. This day stresses the need for preserving a healthy environment and natural resources to maintain a stable and healthy society. Saving plants and animals that face the threat of extinction is one of the primary goals of World Nature Conservation Day.

To conserve our nature and to spread greenery everywhere, In Shree H.J. Gajera English Medium School students brought decorative plants. The students decorated plants in unique way with the help of waste materials. There were many different- different types plants which is used to decorate our school. According to the students level, Educators gave rank to the students for their beautiful plants decorations.

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