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World Photography Day

More than a decade since it was first officially celebrated around the world, World Photography Day remains a key date on the creative calendar. Every August 19, photographers from around the world take their photos, capturing their personal perspectives of the world. And World Photography Day 2022 will be no different.

History of World Photography Day

Of course, 2010 was not the first time the photography community celebrated this art form on World Photography Day. In fact, it dates back to 1837, marking the invention of the daguerreotype process (essentially the first commercial instance of photography, named after inventor Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre). However, as of August 19, 2010, World Photography Day became officially recognized as a bona fide global phenomenon.

What Is World Photography Day?

World Photography Day celebrates creativity, craftsmanship, science and the history of the art form, and photographers are encouraged to share their best images on social media using the hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay, with the aim of inspiring to others. Incorporating an online gallery for the first time in 2010, showcasing submissions from over 250 photographers, it attracted interest from over 100 countries around the world. In the decade plus that has passed since then, World Photography Day has grown and expanded to become an even bigger success.

Today in Gajera Vidyabhavan School, Sachin we celebrated world photography day.Many Students participated and took nature photos and we had a theme of "different shades of sky". Our principal and mentor teacher gave guidance about necessary criteria which to be followed while taking photos.Even students have taken photos from the premises of the school such as garden area, parking etc. Here are some pictures clicked by students.......

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