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Discussion on Population

"Earth will not be able to carry the increasing load of population for long ........wake up!!!".

Increasing population growth in India is imminent alarm bell For Future

Whether we are traveling in train or waiting for a plane at an airport, road or bus stop, temple or mall, hospital or any event, one thing which we see everywhere is the increasing crowd . This is a clear sign of our growing population. After China, we are the country with the second-largest population. According to many reports, we will overtake China by 2025.

Although there has been some decline in the fertility rate due to the population policies, family planning and welfare schemes run by the Government of India, but despite all this, it is impossible for the population to stabilize before the year 2050.

There are Major causes of population.

1. Birth and death rate.

2. Social issues

3. Rising illiteracy.

4. Rising unemployment

Birth and death rate: the birth rate is higher than the death rate and the fertility rate is still more than necessary. The government has succeeded to a great extent in reducing the death rate, but the same cannot be said about the birth rate.

Social issues--The growing population is also directly related to some social issues present in the country. Child marriage or early marriage comes first in this. Despite the age of marriage being 18 years in the country, even today in many areas the marriage of boy and girl is done early. It is also directly related to our orthodox thinking, in which marriage is considered a sacred obligation and which is considered an urgent task to fulfill.

Rising illiteracy--It plays major role in population growth. It increase poverty also in the country. Even today people believe that the more children they have, the more income will come in the house and the children will also take care of them in old age. The truth about the fact that children take care of their old parents when they grow up, we can easily see in old age homes. On the other side the continuing illegal immigration from Bangladesh and Nepal also plays an important role in the population explosion.

Due to the increase in population, many problems are arising in front of India. The increasing unemployment and the number of people sitting idle is increasing continuously, on the other hand the development of infrastructure is not being done properly. The resources available in the country are also being used more than necessary.

For that our Gajera Vidyabhavan, sachin learners organized group discussion on over population . In it grade x to xii students actively participated. the learners discussed lot of things like advantages and disadvantages populating, effects and causes as well as which measures we need to take, etc. all these things they discussed through the healthy and informative section. The program was hosted by Sinha Shashwat . The program was lasted for one hour. The principal Mr. Nitin Patil and vice principal Mrs. Anju Mistry inspired the participants by their heartwarming speeches.

The entire programme being very interactive.

Let us join hands to control population and save this world.

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