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World Television Day

November 21st is celebrated every year as World Television Day, commemorating the day 1996 when the World Television Forum was formed. Today it acknowledges that television plays an important role in representing various issues affecting individuals. This was done due to the recognition of the increasing influence of television on the decision-making process. Therefore, television has been recognized as the primary means of educating, directing, and influencing public opinion. Its influence, presence, and influences on world affairs were hard to ignore.

Television is one of the greatest technological breakthroughs of the 20th century, helping to educate, inform, and influence our choices and perspectives. However, with the advent of Internet broadcasting, the number is dwindling in favor of computers, and it is estimated that around 90% of households worldwide have a TV.

Television is still the primary source of video consumption. While screen sizes have changed and the number of households with televisions around the world is increasing, in addition to producing, publishing, downloading and viewing content across different platforms. The connection between modern and traditional forms of broadcasting allows us to learn about important issues facing our societies and the world.

Gajera vidyabhavan Sachin organized world television day, on 21 November Students present skit about television day and present dance, teacher gave positive and negative view .Principal Mr Nitin Patil and Vice principal Mrs. Anju Mistry presence their speech about television day. Gajerians present dance performance nicely.

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